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Special Education: Books & eBooks

This Special Education guide provides links to resources such as online databases, reference books, and periodicals available at Missouri Baptist University.

Available Books

Call Number Ranges

LC3950-4806.5 -- Exceptional children and youth.  Special education

LC3991-4000 -- Gifted children and youth

LC4001-4806.5 -- Children and youth with disabilities.  Learning disabled children and youth

LC4812-5160.3 -- Other special classes

My Library Account

What is My Library Account? - It allows you to check the status of the library materials checked out and/or requested by you, and to renew your library materials.


How to access My Library Account? - Click on the words "My Library Account" on either of these questions, then enter your full name and your MOBIUS ID (located on the back of your student ID card). Notice that the MOBIUS ID is different from your MBU student ID.

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan allows you to borrow or otherwise acquire materials not held by the Jung-Kellogg Library or MOBIUS from other libraries. If you are unable to locate the material you need, please contact the Interlibrary Loan Clerk by filling out this form.

Book Request Form

Ask a Librarian

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The library provides access to a large collection of eBooks through EBSCO including the eBook Education Collection, eBook High School Collection, and eBook K-8 Collection. Use the search box below to search for books in these and all the other eBook Collections offered by the library.

eBook Collections

Finding Books

Online Catalog

Search the online catalog for books and other materials that you may need.

Searching Tips:

Boolean Logic
Use AND, OR, or NOT to group search terms for the online catalog.

Types of Searches (Keyword, title, subject, etc.)

Keyword finds your search term anywhere. Subject, Title, Author, etc. searches are more powerful because they search only in those parts of the database.

Subject Headings Use Subject search to find materials on a specific topic. LC Subject searches cover a standardized list of terms and do not search other fields, such as author, table of contents, note, etc.

Truncation  Use an asterisk* to truncate or cut off the endings of words. The computer will search for variations of a word by adding an asterisk.

Reference Books