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Off-Campus Access: Home

Off-campus access to the library's online resources.

Access to Electronic Resources

Access to certain electronic resources (databases and eBooks) may be restricted to the Missouri Baptist University community (currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff) due to licensing and copyright agreements with vendors and publishers. 

On-Campus Access

If you are using a computer on campus that is connected to the MBU campus network, you will be connected automatically to library electronic resources; no log-in is required. Campus computers are granted automatic access to library electronic resources because they have a MBU IP address. 

Off-Campus Access

You must be a currently enrolled MBU student or a currently employed MBU faculty/staff member to access the library's electronic resources (databases and eBooks) off-campus.

If off-campus, you will be presented with an authentication screen. To log-in, use your first and last name and your MBU student, faculty, staff ID # followed by MBU. 

If you have any questions about accessing the library's electronic resources from off-campus, please call the Learning Center at 314.392.2320, email the library staff at, or utilize our chat service 24/7.


Off-Campus Access Video Tutorial

MBU Student, Faculty, & Staff IDs

MBU students, faculty and staff may obtain a MBU ID at the IT office during regular business hours. For office hours and contact information, please click here

ID #

MBU students can find their student ID # printed on the front of the MBU Student ID card. This number also makes up the first half of your email address. 

All students are required to carry a student ID card, which can be obtained in the IT Office during office hours. The IT office is located in the modular building near the Administration building and Muncy Gymnasium. 

MBU faculty and staff will find their MBU ID # printed on the back of their MBU Faculty/Staff ID. Faculty/Staff IDs may be picked up at the IT Office during office hours. The IT Office is located in the modular building near the Administration building and Muncy Gymnasium.

If you have been issued a unique MOBIUS ID by a library staff member (prior to Fall 2018), that unique MOBIUS ID will also enable you to access resources off campus.

If you have any questions about logging in to the library’s electronic resources off-campus, please call the Learrning Center at 314.392.2320 and a library staff member will assist you.