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Music: Call Numbers

Music resources at Jung-Kellogg Library

M -- Music

M1 - M3 Sheet music collections
M6 - M14 Sheet music for organ
M20 - M38 Sheet music for piano
M62 - M120 Miscellaneous sheet music
M125 - M128 Sheet music for guitar
M146 Sheet music for indefinite-pitch percussion
M175 Sheet music for pitched percussion
M178 Chamber music
M184 - M186 Sheet music for piano/organ duets
M215 Sheet music for piano duets (for either one or two pianos)
M222 - M284 Sheet music for piano and one wind instrument
M312 Sheet music for piano trios (violin/cello/piano)
M412 Sheet music for piano quartets (violin/viola/cello/piano)
M451 - M452 Sheet music for string quartets
M551 - M562 Sheet music for string quintets
M1000 - M1004 Sheet music for full orchestra
M1010 - M1011 Sheet music for full orchestra + piano
M1021 - M1139 Sheet music for full orchestra + solo wind or string instrument
M1378 Piano repertoire
M1495 Sheet music for vocal solo + piano accompaniment


ML -- Literature on Music

ML40 - ML50 Opera
ML54 Foreign-language music, with English translations
ML55 Twentieth-century music
ML60 Critical essays on music
ML82 Women composers
ML90 Composers
ML100 - ML108 Music dictionaries and encyclopedias
ML111 - ML113 Music librarianship
ML128 Music bibliographies
ML156 Books about music recordings
ML159 - ML197 Music history
ML200 American music
ML246 - ML350 Music of foreign lands
ML390 Composers (multiple)
ML394 Country music
ML397 Pianists
ML400 Vocalists
ML410 - ML419 Composers (specific, such as books on Bach, books on Mozart, etc.)
ML420 - ML422 Pop singers
ML429 - ML430 Musical critique and aesthetics
ML431 Music notation
ML457 Music performance
ML460 Musical instruments
ML467 Musical interpretation
ML550 - ML707 Keyboard instruments
ML930 - ML990 Wind instruments
ML1015 Guitar
ML1100 Chamber music
ML1460 - ML1500 Vocal music
ML1700 - ML1711 Opera and musical theatre
ML2075 Music in movies
ML2800 Art song
ML2811 Popular music
ML2829 German Lied
ML2900 - ML3186 Church music
ML3470 - ML3487 Popular music
ML3505 - ML3509 Jazz music
ML3521 - ML3556 Miscellaneous popular music
ML3561 - ML3776 Folk, national, and ethnic music
ML3790 - ML3795 Music-related business
ML3797 Writing about music
ML3805 Musical acoustics
ML3820 Physiological aspects of music
ML3830 Psychological aspects of music
ML3845 Musical philosophy and aesthetics
ML3920 Music therapy
ML3930 Juvenile music literature (all of these will be in our juvenile literature section) 


MT -- Music Teaching and Instruction

MT1 - MT10 Teaching children music (from preschool through high school)
MT17 Teaching music to special-needs children
MT18 Teaching music at the college level
MT35 Music notation and theory
MT40 Atonal music
MT42 Rhythm
MT45 - MT50 Harmony
MT55 Counterpoint
MT58 Music analysis
MT68 Improvisation
MT70 Orchestration
MT85 - MT88 Conducting
MT90 Music appreciation
MT95 - MT100 Opera
MT125 - MT130 Orchestral music
MT145 Music interpretation
MT180 - MT202 Organ instruction
MT220 - MT239 Piano instruction
MT259 - MT322 Orchestral stringed instrument instruction
MT583 - MT584 Guitar instruction
MT632 Autoharp instruction
MT655 - MT662 Percussion instruction
MT723 Electronic music
MT733 Marching band instruction
MT746 Piano instruction
MT820 - MT825 Vocal pedagogy
MT845 Italian vocal pedagogy
MT855 Jazz vocal pedagogy
MT870 Sight-singing
MT875 Choral direction
MT883 Diction in singing
MT885 Vocal studies and exercises
MT892 Vocal phrasing and dynamics
MT893 Vocal instruction and study
MT898 - MT935 Children's choral direction
MT948 Musical games and exercises
MT955 - MT960 Opera/musical theatre production