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Criminal Justice: Books & eBooks

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What is My Library Account? - It allows you to check the status of the library materials checked out and/or requested by you, and to renew your library materials.


How to access My Library Account? - Click on the words "My Library Account" on either of these questions, then enter your full name and your MOBIUS ID (located on the back of your student ID card). Notice that the MOBIUS ID is different from your MBU student ID.

Call Number Ranges

HV6001-7220.5 Criminology

HV6035-6197 Criminal anthropology Including criminal types, criminal psychology, prison psychology, causes of crime

HV6201-6249 Criminal classes

HV6250-6250.4 Victims of crimes. Victimology

HV6251-6773.55 Crimes and offenses

HV6774-7220.5 Crimes and criminal classes

HV7231-9960 Criminal justice administration

HV7428 Social work with delinquents and criminals

HV7431 Prevention of crime, methods, etc.

HV7435-7439 Gun control

HV7551-8280.7 Police. Detectives. Constabulary

HV7935-8025 Administration and organization

HV8031-8080 Police duty. Methods of protection

HV8035-8069 Special classes of crimes, offenses and criminals

HV8073-8079.35 Investigation of crimes. Examination and identification of prisoners

HV8079.2-8079.35 Police social work

HV8079.5-8079.55 Traffic control. Traffic accident investigation

HV8081-8099 Private detectives. Detective bureaus

HV8130-8280.7 By region or country

HV8290-8291 Private security services

HV8301-9920.7 Penology. Prisons. Corrections

HV9051-9230.7 The juvenile offender. Juvenile delinquency. Reform schools, etc.

HV9261-9430.7 Reformation and reclamation of adult prisoners

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Library Collection

How to Find Books

Library Catalog Options

       a. MBU Library Catalog

  • Contains the materials in the MBU Jung-Kellogg Library Collection.

       b. MOBIUS Catalog

  • An organization of academic, public, and specialized libraries across the state of Missouri, Colorado, and Oklahoma that share books.

Directions for Searching the MBU Library Catalog

  • Click on the MBU Library Catalog link.
  • In the search box, type in a keyword, title, or author’s name.
  • Click Submit.
  • A results page will appear that lists materials from the search that are located in the MBU Jung-Kellogg Library.
  • MBU’s Jung-Kellogg Library uses the Library of Congress System, not Dewey. The Call Number (identifying number where the book is located on the shelf is on the spine of the book. Example: Portrait of a President: John F. Kennedy in profile E842.M3).

Amount of time library materials may be checked-out from the Jung-Kellogg Library:

  • Books—four weeks and may be renewed if there is no HOLD on the title.
  • Periodicals—one week (and only by faculty/staff), current issues may not be checked-out. 
  • A/V materials—are to supplement the classes. Students may check them out:

          a. If the material is ON RESERVE AND FOR LIBRARY USE.
          b. A request from the professor is presented.
          c. With special permission from the library director. 

Reference Books